Supervision for Initial Clinical Certification or Licensure

Individual Supervision (60 minutes) - $150 for 1 person

Triadic Supervision (90 minutes)- $125 per person for 2 people

Triadic Supervision (60 minutes)- $100 per person for 2 people

Group Supervision (2 hours) - $125 per person for 3-6 people

Special Supervision/Consultation

Supervision of Supervision (60-70 minutes) - $175

Supervision of Supervision (75-90 minutes) - $225

Sanctioned Supervision/Professional Monitoring (60 minutes)- $225+

Supervision Consultation/Individual Consultation - $150+

Other Professional Consultation - $250+ hourly

Group or Organizational Supervision/Consultation: as agreed

*Ask me about reduced supervision rates for UNCG doctoral students/alums, NCCU Counseling alums, and current employees of Fellowship Hall.

All supervisees are expected to abide by the appropriate code of ethics, record a sample of their counseling sessions, keep a log of direct and indirect services provided including a record of clients seen, and adhere to all other parameters of the supervision contract including maintenance of personal professional liability insurance policy and immediate notification of crisis, dangerousness, or deviations from policy expectations at their site.

Fees are due at the time services are rendered. Missed sessions or late cancellations are charged at the full rate of the scheduled session.